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Ready to become a Consultant?

Do you crave creativity, relish warm relationships, or savor industry? We embrace all types whether you’re creative, community, or business minded. By becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant, you join an elite team that supports and honors what makes you exceptional.
It’s easy to join. Start. As part of your enrollment you will purchase the New Consultant Essentials Kit for only $129!  It’s an investment that will reap big rewards!
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Why should I become a Close to My Heart Consultant?

Close to My Heart member/consultant kit is only $129 and contains $445 USD in products/supplies. As a member, you receive a discount on all of your purchases, have the opportunity to earn FREE products every month, plus a great collection of exclusive supplies like bulk papers, embellishments and desk pads that can only be purchased by Close to My Heart consultants. Not to mention our fabulous online training with over 70 different courses on creativity, products, self improvement and more!


Charlotte B&T Duos™ Bulk Pack (BULK377, qty 2)
White Daisy Cardstock Pack (1385, qty 1)
Champagne Cardstock Pack (X5931, qty 1)
Sorbet Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2164, qty 2)
Champagne Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2174, qty 2)
Whisper Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2172, qty 2)
Black & Gold Ribbon (Z3197, qty 2)
Treasured Puffies (Z3203, qty 2)
My Acrylix® Woodland Romance (D1683 qty 2)
My Acrylix® Springtime Wishes (C1641, qty 2)
White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack (X254, qty 1)
Medium Organizer (Z4139, qty 1)
My Acrylix® Block 2" × 6½" (Y1010, qty 2)
My Acrylix® Block 1" × 3½" (Y1002, qty 2)
My Acrylix® Block 2" × 2" (Y1003 qty 2)
Non-Stick Micro-tip Scissors (Z1836, qty 2)
My Acrylix® Stamp Scrubber (Z1782, qty 2)
My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner (1778, qty 1)
Bonding Memories™ Glue (1512, qty 2)
3-D Foam Tape (Z1151, qty 1)
Sponge (Z697, qty 1)
Customer Order Forms (W101, qty 1, 25 per pack)
Annual Inspirations (WC1161, qty 10)
Seasonal Expressions (WCS1162, qty 10)
Cardstock Color Sampler (W1136, qty 1)
Paper Fundamentals Sampler (W1137, qty 1)
Annual Inspirations B&T Duos™ Sampler (W1138, qty 1)
My Acrylix® Windblown Petite Perks™ (W2033, qty 3)
Idea Book Postcard (W1129, qty 1)
Desk Pad (W1140, qty 1)

(Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice.)

One of the things I love about Close to My Heart is the flexibility to be a hobbyist, business builder or customer consultant...a lot like having a Costco or Sams membership, it allows you to shop directly and get discounts on products, but with no annual renewal fees!! You get to decide what type of consultant you want to be! You don't have to do parties at all, you can just get a group of your friends together and have them order a small amount every other month. You can also choose to just enjoy a discount on your personal purchases. Or you can setup at craft fairs or workshops, whatever fits for you!
CTMH is extremely Hobby Friendly and allows you to join with low minimum sales requirements!! It is an awesome company…whether you sign up to do it as business or just a hobby, you will really enjoy it!
CTMH also gives you a free website, free newsletters to send out monthly, and they process credit card transactions, so you do not have to pay any extra fees. When you first join and until your first FULL quarter, your membership will be as an Active Consultant with a 22% commission/discount (by joining in July, your first FULL quarter isn't until October-December, giving you 6 months as an Active Consultant, enjoying the membership benefits and the 22% discount).
CTMH pays for all hostess rewards for gatherings/orders of $150+. Consultants then receive a 22% instant commission or discount. Your discount/commission is money directly in your pocket...the order you place is discounted the 22%, so you pay yourself/save your money instantly and there is no waiting for a commission check.
From there, each quarter that you submit $300 in orders renews your membership for the next quarter and you remain at the Active Consultant (22%) status. If you don't meet that requirement, your membership ends. No harm, no foul, you get to keep all the fabulous goodies from your kit and you can even rejoin again. It truly is that simple!

Sign Up Today!
It is easy to sign up!! You can do everything electronically by going to my website:

2. Click on “Opportunities”, select “Be a Consultant”, then click “Let’s get started.”
3. It’ll take you into the application.
4. It should only take about 5 minutes to complete the application.
5. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from CTMH within a few days (and sometimes immediately), at which time you’ll have
access to the website (with the username and password you input on the application). You will receive your kit in about 1 week!