Elsa, Shaye & Sophie Pictures

Easter Outfits: 2013

Elsa ready for her photo

Okay enough with the pictures

I look better in this light

I know there should be Easter Eggs hidden somewhere

Nope none here

Hey that was my Easter Egg

Sophie has had enough of egg hunting

Christmas 2012

Here we are dressed in our Christmas dresses.  We really hate how long these photo shoots go on and on....  In case you are not aware she has dressed us to match our Christmas Stockings, it is so embarrassing.

Thanksgiving 2012:

Elsa, Sophie and LuLu post dinner

"stop taking my picture"

"OHHH is that pie"

"I don't know how that happened,
 I was over here the entire time"

Sophie on guard duty

Sophie Taking Dinner into her own Paws:

Sophie and Elsa: